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Hi, I’m Brian.


I've been a painter and decorator for 25 years. I’ve travelled the world with my trade and it has treated me well. I've been a rock climber for longer, so know ropes and heights as well as I know my own feet. And the two have combined. Two separate skill sets with neither compromised. Trade quality work while dangling from a rope!


As exciting as all this is, it is also extremely safe when the systems are put in place by trained and competent professionals. And you don’t have to take my word on this last point as it is a legal requirement, backed by Australian Standards and workplace relations. Myself and all members of my team are fully qualified rope access technicians.


All work is guaranteed and overseen by me. I am on the job from start to finish.



We can install new anchors, temporary or fixed. Assess existing anchors, and anchor off existing infrastructure. If you want something done, we can do it. Safety and compliance are two absolutes, providing peace of mind for both workers and client.


Thank you for your consideration.


Brian Burford

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